New Service Exchange Visitors

There is a new service for exchange visitors FeedMates for site owners. FeedMates idea is very simple – you place on your pages a script that translates the messages rss-feeds from other blogs (). And other blogs broadcast your content. The text that appears on your pages is relevant to the content of your articles, like the Adsense contextual advertising. But it should be noted that the relevant text from FeedMates appeared much faster than with Adsense.

To establish a blog on translation of texts from FeedMates, must: 1) Create a free account 2) Download from a special plugin for WordPress. (There is a plugin for Drupal) 3) Download plug-in hosting. 4) Activate the plugin in the admin panel. 5) Copy from the site and FeedMates insert the plug into the window a unique code for your blog. 6) Ready – Contextual advertising is displayed on your site. A text of articles from your site to appear on the websites of other subscribers of this service.

Polzoavnie services of the service is absolutely free. There are still paid version – 300 rubles per month. This will help to increase the frequency of announcements of the show of your publications. And increase the quality and relevance of the text, demonstrating your site. Respectively – will increase the number of visitors to your site. FeedMates embodies one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to attract new readers to your blog or news site. Each item has your chance to be noticed by the readers of other resources – participants FeedMates (currently members of 555). This technology is called peer-to-peer-publication, as if it was a big social news portal, scattered on multiple independent target highly specific sites. Publications of the RSS-feed your Internet resource is automatically aggregated system, based on complex calculations is determined by their context, the levels belonging to this or other indices (uniqueness, spelling, size, complexity) and then stored in the database FeedMates. As readers of other resources – participants FeedMates read articles that are similar in themes and accessories to the index, with publications of your RSS-channel, they can be automatically displayed announcements of articles from your own resource. If interested in their announcements – and the likelihood of this is very high in view of contextual nature of the binding of the publications – Be sure – the popularity and traffic of your site will increase significantly, and not by weaning reading activity from other authors, and by creating incentives additional reading activity. Source:

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