New Technologies

At this moment taking advantage of the new technologies, as they are the Internet and the new concepts of Marketing, great opportunities have been abierto to have your Own Business. The Four tendencies: An opportunity can be defined as a favorable combination of circumstances. In the world of the Own Businesses this usually involves the explosion of favorable tendencies for the initiative. Whereas nontenth that we are expert, yes we know a tendency huge we see when it. It is more has said than the success happens when it is the opportunity and the preparation. If that is truth, then it would have still more to be clear when four explosive tendencies are united. Tendency No.1 Internet: The greatest change of our lives. Still if the computers do not interest to him, is difficult to ignore the impact that have had Internet and the electronic commerce in our society in the last average decade and.

Pien it. Fifteen years it is not as much time! A boy to that age only is in tenth degree but this called boy Internet already is an industry commercial in the category of trillones of dollars nothing badly for adolescent! Tendency no. 2 Distribution: The greater opportunity for the wealth. The recognized economist Paul Zane Pilzer says that during the last century, the manufacture technology has advanced considerably, leaving to the mass of the cost of a product tied in the process of distribution between the manufacturer and the final consumer. In fact, esteem that stops the basket average of goods, the cost of the product assigned to the manufacture is only of 15%, whereas the other 85% can be attributed to the distributions. Tendency no. 3 Tax exemption: The greatest tendency of last the 50 years. Before Internet arrived, perhaps the tendency greater than beat to the world of the Businesses was the concept of the tax exemptions.

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