Means of freezing the walls. TEPLOS-top – keep your house warm! Many Russian citizens throughout their lives faced with an issue as the cold in houses and apartments, freezing outside walls, and draft a permanent cold in stairwells and hallways. Traditional measures used by utilities services, such as sealing joints with polyurethane foam, an emergency measure – mineral wool insulation (very ecologically "impure product!") practically solve the problem or solve it only in part. A disturbed and oppressed people chill write countless complaints to various DEZy or REU. In this long-term problems we inherited from the mass construction and residential issues of Soviet times, there is a simpler solution.

Until recently, it remained the property of Western civilization. However, the company, "Dwight", productively working on the market leading paint technology since 1996, has developed and introduced into production a unique liquid insulation – insulated paint TEPLOS-Top, which copes with the freezing walls, pipes, windows, balconies, loggias business and residential facilities, sports facilities, exhibition halls and facilities. Insulated paint TEPLOS Top – a material that is environmentally friendly (water-emulsion paint), easy to use and inexpensive compared to traditional ways and means of warmth, and why is widespread in the construction and heat. However, the quality of the product, its technological properties make active use of its private homeowners and renters. Insulated paint is applied is quite simple: as a simple paint or putty kityu spatula. Agree that the Russians are accustomed to make repairs by their hands, this process is very familiar.

When large volumes in industry and construction insulated paint is applied to a paint sprayer airless spray. A heat-reflective effect, allowing to keep the heat up to 50% (previously took for "Heating" the street) in the house, makes a strong TEPLOS Top player in the liquid insulation, and can successfully compete with conventional insulating materials. The company "Dwight" aims to do this stuff accessible to the greatest possible number of consumers and can be purchased at any hardware stores. On the Internet you can buy insulated results for the online store paint-LUX company "Dwight (, as well as by calling main office in Moscow, or from regional dealers. Beware of counterfeit goods, not to be disappointed in the effectiveness of insulated paint! TEPLOS Top – certified, patented s protected material Russian zokonodatelstv

Washing Machines Service Centers

What is the service center for repair of washing machines and how they work? Let's try to sort out this issue and clarify some points. There are 2 types of repairs – warranty and after warranty. Warranty provide free repairs for a certain period guaranteed by the manufacturer. Provides post-warranty repairs on a chargeable basis. Good service centers offer a guarantee and after-warranty repairs, as well as the replaced parts. Authorized by the manufacturer service centers may perform warranty repairs full range of brand products. Post-warranty repairs can be carried out without any authorizations, respectively, such repairs are paid.

Service centers are usually repaired washing machine all brands such as: Zanussi (Zanussi), Samsung (Samsung), Indesit (Indesit), Bosch (Bosch), LG (R G) Candy (Candy), Beko (Beko), Ardo (Ardo), Whirlpool (Whirlpool) Ariston (Ariston), Kaiser (Kaiser), Electrolux (Electrolux) and other brands. As for the machine not with things more complicated, because they are often very old, their life has long expired and so service centers have problems with spare parts for so the old techniques. What are the main failure of washing machines? Blockage – a major cause of damage washing machines. They lead to the failure of a pump failure of heating elements and filters. Not correct treatment with electronic control systems, which are equipped with all modern stiralki leads to failures in the management system.

Such things are also amenable to repair. An experienced electronics engineer who owns and programmer must diagnose the necessary details and do everything for quality repairs of electronic models of washing machines. Careless handling of hatch brings it down. Repair washing machine has its own stages. Need to carefully inspect the product, talk to the owner for external noise and possible causes of failure, diagnose the washing machine and only after to begin repairs. This is correct its operation ensures quality service and increase the life of another stiralki for many years.

House Building

Brick cottages and other buildings are the most reliable and durable, the attractiveness of the buildings are not inferior to any other material. Such a result is achievable due to the quality of the material and, of course, much depends on level of construction work. Brick by its qualities is strong enough and resistant to wear and has excellent resistance to frost and excellent sound insulation. Good resistance to temaparutrnym conditions provides reliability. During operation, it does not emit harmful substances. The primary challenge in building a country house is the fact that this house should serve a long period of time and under intense stress. For erection of a brick building various construction companies use their own methods, which are allocated using low-cost surfacing materials, competent approach to the process of construction, as well as a clear planning process. Usually applied monolithic ceilings that give unlimited opportunity to lay the interior of the premises and subsequent repair and finishing works, but still allow you to create unusual external circuit at home and avoid cracks at the junction plates.

Monolithic structures made of brick can add decorative materials: wood, stone, drawing patterns of the used brick. This will add to the building uniqueness. Do not forget that the brick house needs deep foundations, carrying out works to implement it in the order of 20-30% of the cost of construction of the building. Of course, the cost of building brick stack from the cost of construction, prices of used building materials, as well as the cost of follow-up trim. Many companies realized the construction of town houses under the key. You trust an organization to develop building design, finishing materials required, work on osuschestvleie building a house, developing a design project interior, and repairing the cottage or home. Through this comprehensive approach, you greatly save energy and money, and the actual construction and renovation of a cottage or a home takes less time. Applying the brick can be raised not only big buildings, but also small cottages houses, which will cost much less. After all, these facilities are not designed for permanent housing and are used usually only in summer, so no need for costly insulation, which allows znachitelno savings during construction.


Many people dream pokleit wallpaper, someone already started the process, and some have already done everything themselves. For those people who are unable by themselves or simply do not want to or can not do it at all, there are many different organizations, companies, private artists and other craftsmen involved in providing these services. Price, of course, vary from all different, someone cheaper, someone naturally more expensive. It all depends on, shall we say "Vkladyvaemosti" organizations to provide services in advertising. And the advertising goes, frankly, not small money. What is built and the price of the services organization. Of course, there are those who are just stupid to increase the value to the skies hoping to attract client software, not thinking about the middle class of potential customers. Wallpapering in general as a process rather hard, exhausting work, which is definitely a must pay well, but unfortunately today a lot of people think that it's easy.

As for specific rates, in order to pokleit wallpaper is cheaper and at the same time of course the question here is qualitatively simple. We have, for example Wallpapering will cost you 140 rubles per square meter, and it is almost the lowest price for Moscow and Moscow region. We guarantee the highest quality of our work. In the Moscow region and the average Taping cost is about 160 rubles per square meter. In particular masters 100-150 rubles a meter, but of course that there is a risk of running into a layman in this craft. There are those who peel, do not hesitate and 200 and 300 rubles, while orders from them is, hence, people look for cheaper lazy or a lot of money. All the same to you, because your choice and your wallet is up to you.

Cars Repair

MC Motors Pyatigorsk began operations in 1998, thus becoming the first in the region of CMS company specializing in the repair of cars of American, European, Korean and Japanese brands: Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler and others. MC Motors Pyatigorsk – the only company in the region of CMS, which owns the technology PDR (Pantless Dent Repair), popularly known as "Vakoume." The technology allows you to remove dents on the body without painting and without setting the car on the slipway. You have to be a busy time – works made within 15 – 90 minutes depending on complexity. One of the activities the company is selling spare parts and accessories. In the absence of the required spare parts in our warehouse, we will deliver it within 2 – 10 days from warehouses in Moscow, Germany, USA, UAE. Experienced managers will monitor the progress of repairs to the vehicle from beginning to end, informing you of each stage of the repair process. In cozy room client you can watch the progress of repair of your car and enjoy tea or coffee. MC Motors opens doors to all who value reliability, safety and quality.

New Service Exchange Visitors

There is a new service for exchange visitors FeedMates for site owners. FeedMates idea is very simple – you place on your pages a script that translates the messages rss-feeds from other blogs (). And other blogs broadcast your content. The text that appears on your pages is relevant to the content of your articles, like the Adsense contextual advertising. But it should be noted that the relevant text from FeedMates appeared much faster than with Adsense.

To establish a blog on translation of texts from FeedMates, must: 1) Create a free account 2) Download from a special plugin for WordPress. (There is a plugin for Drupal) 3) Download plug-in hosting. 4) Activate the plugin in the admin panel. 5) Copy from the site and FeedMates insert the plug into the window a unique code for your blog. 6) Ready – Contextual advertising is displayed on your site. A text of articles from your site to appear on the websites of other subscribers of this service.

Polzoavnie services of the service is absolutely free. There are still paid version – 300 rubles per month. This will help to increase the frequency of announcements of the show of your publications. And increase the quality and relevance of the text, demonstrating your site. Respectively – will increase the number of visitors to your site. FeedMates embodies one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to attract new readers to your blog or news site. Each item has your chance to be noticed by the readers of other resources – participants FeedMates (currently members of 555). This technology is called peer-to-peer-publication, as if it was a big social news portal, scattered on multiple independent target highly specific sites. Publications of the RSS-feed your Internet resource is automatically aggregated system, based on complex calculations is determined by their context, the levels belonging to this or other indices (uniqueness, spelling, size, complexity) and then stored in the database FeedMates. As readers of other resources – participants FeedMates read articles that are similar in themes and accessories to the index, with publications of your RSS-channel, they can be automatically displayed announcements of articles from your own resource. If interested in their announcements – and the likelihood of this is very high in view of contextual nature of the binding of the publications – Be sure – the popularity and traffic of your site will increase significantly, and not by weaning reading activity from other authors, and by creating incentives additional reading activity. Source:

Beauty Shop

This dye penetrates into the hair structure and nourishing it from within. If you do not use aggressive cleaning and styling products, "Beauty Shop" guarantees You beautiful healthy hair. The entire range of cosmetics for color-treated hair will be matched by experts for you. Highlighting While both classic and trendy technology, highlights for those women who want to emphasize the natural color of your hair without drastic changes. Many of us in childhood, his hair was blond. With age, the color changes and darkens, but we still continue to feel like blondes.

That recover from a lost "child" color blonde highlights fits perfectly. And, despite the fact that the procedure is long enough – the result of it lasts much longer than any other procedure staining. Highlighting is also an ideal option if you decide to dye your hair first. Stylists our beauty salon will offer you the technique of partial or dyeing balayazh. These procedures are shorter in time, cost less, and the end result is not inferior to the efficiency of the classic highlights. The advantage of highlighting the fact that not all hair is chemically treated, the contrast with natural hair creates a play of color, motion, as if you have the sun always shines. Skin color visually becomes clearer, the structure – more even. In our stores along with highlights you will be offered to shading, ie, the clarified strand introduces color, combined with the most advantageous to your skin and eyes, as if drawing shade, very smooth, soft, as in nature.


Here the basic principle of income – check all known sponsors, then the sum of earnings is much increased. Surfing: You pay the advertised page views. Depending on the sponsor’s payment is being, or in U.S. dollars Rubles or credit. Credits can be sold, or to spend on promotion of the site. Affiliate Programs: The essence of earnings: You become a partner of the largest online store or service center. Your cooperation is to attract buyers or consumers. Of course, the easiest way to do it, having a website or mailing list: more visitors to you – the higher your commission.

However, nobody forbids to attract buying your friends and acquaintances outside the Internet. System withdrawal: In our opinion, the most convenient electronic payment system WebMoney. Traditionally, payment for goods and services via the Internet were used bank credit card. But their shortcomings are well known. First, the details of credit cards can easily be stolen or intercepted, because of what the Internet has long been flooded with fraudulent bank charges. The second drawback is that the owner of a credit card can withdraw your payment (make chardzhbek), and the bank, as a rule, subject to his demand. For sellers this is a big problem: they have to refund money to buyers for already sold goods, they suffer losses and are therefore forced to raise prices to cover their costs chardzhbekam.

In this situation, secure and irrevocable electronic money is a panacea for both sellers and for simple users (customers). WebMoney is very convenient to make payments via the Internet. The main advantage is, perhaps, they instantly: you press a button – and a couple of seconds of the recipient, wherever he may be, receives funds. Let us state briefly the advantages of WebMoney: you receive and transfer money without leaving home; distances do not matter, even if the payer and the recipient are in different parts of the globe; operations occur in seconds as a consequence of the first three items, electronic money WebMoney particularly useful for goods that can be delivered over the Internet immediately after the payment: PIN-codes, electronic books, software, music, etc.; sparing fee for transfers: the system takes off for their services, only 0.8% of the amount operations irrevocable, and that is a big advantage for sellers who wish to accept payment for goods and services through the Internet: they can not be afraid that payment may be withdrawn. Finally, electronic money WebMoney safe, protected and can not be faked, as often happens with cash.

Parallel Interface

Convenient paper holder, will apply large rolls of paper, thus reducing the number of hits your billing service terminal and increasing its autonomous operation. The printer has a variety of installation options and location, Swecoin ttp 2010 can be installed both horizontally and vertically (with options for the location shown in the figures). Model Swecoin ttp 2010 structurally quite simple and reliable, the printer does not require consumables and ongoing maintenance. Printer about ending the paper, then what you would rather put a new roll, and the printer back to work. Replacing the printer paper ttp 2010 is carried out in a few minutes and requires no special technical knowledge and special tools. Printer Swecoin ttp 2010 has not only flexible installation settings in the payment terminals, but also useful functions set issued checks. Printer ttp 2010 allows you to adjust the length of the check issued to the client. This opportunity is provided by a specially designed step motor strip of paper along with an optical tracking paper.

The printer responds to the touch of a user to printout issued and informs the whole check, if the client does not take a check or forget to take it, the printer pulls it into the payment terminal without creating debris around self-service. This feature enables you to set the optimal length of a check issued by optimizing the cost of consumables and filling printer. Programmatically setting up and operating the printer TTP2010 provides updated drivers for Windows operating systems and Lunix. Support tools and programs available on the official website of Swecoin or see "Driver", allows you to edit a variety of fonts and logos for your payment terminal. The printer has a variety of connection interfaces: Serial rs 232 interface for the model of ttp in 2010, Parallel Interface, IEEE-1284 for a model of ttp 2020USB interface Model ttp 2030. Service life Swecoin ttp 2010 printer is quite large. The printhead can print more than 10 km of paper, card printer will operate up to 65,000 hours, and the mechanism of paper-cuts survive 1 million cuts. To sum up the review printer Swecoin ttp 2010, you can speak with confidence about the high functional and technical characteristics of this model, the high print speeds, flexible software configuration and easy installation in housing payment terminal. Acquisition of ttp 2000 series printer is a very profitable acquisition for the owners of the payment terminals.

Constructive Classical

The Italian kitchen furniture at that time was deserved status as one of the most practical, elegant and durable. After all, these dishes were made from only natural precious wood. Italian classrooms and living rooms in the 15-17 centuries, became the most popular elements of the interior, both in Italy and throughout Old Europe. After a hundred years after the onset of the Italian furniture industry, namely sixteenth century, the furniture manufactured in Italy got its new look – a luxurious gilt. Gilded details of classic furniture forced to admire the unique ensemble of furniture in the interior of the premises, and anyone never leave one indifferent. In addition to a luxurious gilt appearance of a classic Italian furniture absorbed immense unique form.

It is the sixteenth-century furniture from Italy, takes its tremendous form, the Italian Cabinet consists of massive cabinets and tables and chairs, living room gain wider seats. In addition to the elegant sweep of shapes and sizes Renaissance kitchens and living rooms were lavishly decorated with images of Roman gods and the battle scenes. Later, in the 17 th and 18 th century classical Italian furniture became really popular in most European countries. Italian kitchens, offices, living rooms and libraries were is an integral and even necessary element of the rich villas of palaces and mansions. And with each passing year the growing popularity of Italian furniture and changed its appearance. Furniture craftsmen from Italy are making every effort that their furniture was associated with grandeur, affluence and refined taste. It was at this time, the classic examples of Italian furniture is made exclusively from the beginning of valuable timber.

Constructive Classical furniture is becoming more complex, some of its elements are characterized by elegance of manual work. Forever young Baroque brings new elements into the classical form of Italian furniture. Ever since the Italian furniture starting to make in the form of wild animals and decorate handmade jewelry and very expensive materials – that's the most important factor in the approval, describing the furniture from Italy. And it is precisely on this, the Italian kitchens, classrooms, libraries and living rooms since the eighteenth century became the exclusive luxury and elegance. In Russia there are all of only one furniture factory, which in its production uses all the best achievements of Italian furniture craftsmen. This furniture factory is located in the heart of Moscow and has since 2003 encouraged its customers unmatched product quality and subtle relation to the details of the production exclusive classic furniture. Keeping all the ancient forms, the classical coloring and use in the manufacture of only the fine wood, keeping exactly all the details, patterns and wood carving, furniture produced in the Factory Marco Mobili won deserved popularity among fans of the classic forms of Italian furniture.