na new saga of the hand of Crytek and EA reaches consoles around the world, the second part of so-called Crysis under the term Reveal is now available for today’s market leading different consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. As always, we will have a form of online game that will allow us to make the most of the game with our friends. This game has been considered one of the best Shooters, especially receiving very good reviews in terms of graphics (look at the realism of the beginning of the previous video). Crysis 2 has the CryEngine 3 technology, a graphics engine that lets you achieve effects as impressive as e.g. change of light according to schedule, different sources of lights depending on the player’s position, different shades of the same screen depending on time, day, weather…

etc. One of the strong points of this game is without a doubt the possibility of interacting with the world to its around. We can basically say that you can break anything you find on your Road. This adventure will be based on the streets of New York by what surely find buildings and well-known places. Also it must be said that the artificial intelligence of the characters you meet in the game has been reinforced by what will surely have to push yourself more if you want to avoid to get killed. You can that you like more games free but we assure you that in this case it’s worth paying money.

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