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Premium POS software Scott software speed is by Scott software software by company not witchcraft a perfect organization is the key to the success of any company. Customers will appreciate the ease of use and the free updates. Scott software is known in the industry for years as a specialist in POS software. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out technology investor. The core of the selbstgeschneiderten products is the software POS software that best works with all versions of Windows (32/64 bit) and is particularly easy to use. Born in Scotland, Dave Scott is proud of the positive feedback from its customers: “we are working on our software since 1999. Our slogan is: install and get started immediately. POS software must be not complicated.” Scott’s POS software presents itself as a single-user or network-enabled POS system with the following core functions: with purchase order processing with warehouse management with customer relationship management to supplier management with product management with data import (price lists) from ASCII files and Excel the POS software creates cash accounts at any time and transmits them directly in the central database. By way of derogation, article descriptions and UK prices can be modified when cash sales from the item master record.

Our POS software created neutral and customer operations, where the Bon directly for a customer will be issued. Neutral processes can be subsequently allocated to customers. New customers can be created directly. Parking a started process (“vouchers”) until the final payment without inventory and Saldenanderung. Cancel a receipt with correction of the point-of-sale and inventory. Create a voucher, if necessary with a limited validity period. Bon print balances – with change.

Deposit, payouts interim financial statements, end of day (X terminator, Z degree) direct collection of articles, EAN-numbers etc. over a scanner. EC-cash as a payment system with mixed payment of external printer or Windows printer control a cash drawer and a POS display of automatic pressure a customer card and billing customer card. Recorded receipts can be parked at one other cash collected be. Management of bills of material to adjust this free article to manually adjust label and price with the possibility before the cash. Position discount, and total discount will be using available automatically from customer conditions. Counting support for the easy implementation of the Fund fall. Management of employee permissions query inventory and automatic warning when the stocks below. Reservation of items for customers directly from the Cashier screen. Testing of customer orders on available location inventory in the system of a consumer sale and acquisition in the current receipt. A trial version is available for download… Download 30 days trial version questions you us our team love is here for you! Peripherals: barcode scanners, mobile data entry, labels, display, receipt printer and cash drawer. Individual software programming.

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