Altina Magalhes Coast Currently the Internet is an immense virtual library, in the truth its concept goes beyond library, therefore it is a space where beyond searching, it can be written to publish, to change information, to produce in contribution, to generate knowledge, that is what he is being called web 2. 0, is plus a canal of knowledge, exchanges and searches, are a technological device that the wakening, the motivation of the pupils for the new features facilitates, functionality, praticidade and mainly for the innumerable possibilities of research that meets there. One of the great contributions of the Internet is the chance of the people to live deeply the emotion to search knowledge. The use of this tool must be made more early possible because it is an essential ability for the future professional work. To teach and to learn with the Internet include many profits for the involved ones in the process, same dinamiza and facilitate ' ' to make pedaggico' ' making possible things among others: access to an immense variety of information and knowledge, educative pages, softwares that they help in the pertaining to school research; communication and interaction with other schools, what it provides stimulaton for research, the reading, and the writing; development of the autonomy, the individualizado learning, the logical reasoning, the exchange of experiences between the involved ones in the act to teach and to learn, of the capacity of communication and socialization, etc. The moment lived for the society demands that the educational scene does not ignore or subestime the positive influence of this canal of knowledge in the life of the people, however also demands that if it does not make ' ' sight grossa' ' to the negative power that it can provide to the users especially children and adolescents will have used themselves of inadequate form, without orientation, planning, inherent objectives to the process to educate.

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