Regional History Museum

It is no novelty that Necochea has earned an important place among the summer options offered the Argentina Republic: enough to appreciate its beaches to realize that this village, located in the Southeast area of Buenos Aires, has a lot to give. Thousands of tourists come together in this place to enjoy the magic that give away their characteristics, since it is a medium-sized city, it provides the perfect combination of comfort, tranquility, modernity and outdoor spaces. In recent decades Necochea has seen grow the amount of travelers who chose their waters for bathing, so that the response of the hotel infrastructure took immediately: currently this town boasts a wide variety of options for your accommodation, including hotels with discount in Necochea, albergues, aparts hotels, boutique hotels, cabins, cottages and apartments, putting at your disposal the possibility of accessing the alternative that best suits their resources and needs. The activities offered by Necochea are as varied: logically is a point of must-see for sports fishermen, who displayed their talents in its river, its lagoons and extensive coasts, as well as for lovers of the beach, life at outdoor and aquatic sports, especially surfing, since the South breakwater, where Puerto Quequen, is known worldwide for a phenomenon rather than attractive for these sports, since there is form which, they say, is the best wave left of the Argentina Republic. If you want to enjoy any of the walks through the town I recommend not let pass the opportunity of knowing the Park Miguel Lillo, located in front of the sea, to the West of the city, between Calle 2, 10 and 89.

With a total area exceeding the 640 hectares, mainly covered by conifers, it is one of the most traditional places for tourists in the area. You’ll find sports fields, furnaces and the possibility of camping and have an adventure outdoors unprecedented. Other options Necochea has to offer are: museological complex, located in the Lillo Park, consisting of the Municipal Museum of natural sciences and the Regional History Museum; Hipolito Yrigoyen hanging bridge, which crosses the Quequen River; the parish Santa Maria del Carmen, recognized as the first chapel of the town, placed under the advocation of de la Virgen Santa Maria de el Carmen; the cave of the Tiger, a breathtaking Cave of incomparable beauty; the station of fish farming, with a wonderful aquarium with a total of 22 tanks; and the Plaza Dardo Rocha, in homage to the Governor who collaborated in the founding of the town. To conclude this brief tour of Necochea I invite you to discover the underwater Park Kabryl, the second submarine of the country, and the first Park in South America by his extension. There will be built a recreational resort for nautical activities, offering services and equipment so the diving enthusiasts have an ideal space for this sport.

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