Thus, considering the above factors, we concluded that in addition to the final format of products just to provide some stock images that goes beyond the line cut. This reserve is also called the release of a departure for bleeds. This technique is necessarily used in the manufacture of advertising, magazines and packaging products. However, the practice is known for the case where the issue altogether or to leave what – it happens when none of the images does not apply to the edge of the product, that is, from all sides remains unsealed paper. The most optimal and is generally accepted value of departure is equal to 5 mm. For products which have a rectangular format, as a rule, leaflets and posters, and do not require post-processing or some other decoration, except for the cutting, it is enough to release in the 2-3 mm. Nevertheless, it is better in this case leaving 5 mm. as to remove excess is never too late, but to add the missing, will not succeed.

Also, if your work will not be flown for bleed, printing can not simply take your order for the production of the product. 5. File contains extra spot of paint or not to identify those that are actually needed. Called custom spot colors that are mixed prior to printing out the printing press. In fact, the spot is any paint, for except those that are part of the standard triad cmyk or its expanded form – shestikrasochnoy model (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, green, and the first four are not an absolute standard analog printing triad).

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