Browsing apartments together with your broker, pay attention to whose interests he is increasingly advocated – or your host. Remember, the broker should be primarily interested in the transaction, its purpose – to seek compromise between you and the seller. If you say that, but you still showed up a buyer who makes the rent more than you, and will offer in response to raise the bar – cheerleaders. Most likely, you are deceived, and no competitor, but there is simply a desire to remove from you more money. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wanted to know more. By selecting a real estate agency, is worth it to go. If you on the options the agent runs on the real estate company, remember that all risks should be borne company and you. This means that all contracts should sound company name, not name an agent. Man is able to seduce and $ 200, or go to escape the conflict, but the company likely to compromise than lose reputation.

By entering into a service contract, clearly provided (and mount), all variants of crisis – force majeure, who bears some risks, and so on. The fact that you offer a 'standard' contract should not be put to sleep vigilance. In extreme cases, make an application. If you refuse to reduce the price of the apartment and give strong evidence, it is better to accept or refuse the option. Realtors will quickly lose interest in the stubborn clients. Buy apartment prepare to meet with the owners, make a list of questions on the flat: its background, current status, who are registered, if any of them minors undergoing compulsory military service in the Army, serving Finally, the mentally ill people, and so on.

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