Replace Selfslate

Or rather – how very possible to replace the slate. In a previous article, ‘Repair of the roof. Replacement of slate. I raised the question of whether replacement slate of issues that arise in this case, and of course how I solve these problems. And therefore not to be repeated, giving a direct ssylochku.

Here, I’ll try to explain how is it possible to do yourself all the work. So, let’s assume that you live in the house, and going to repair the roof of his own self. As I said in that article, to dismantle the roof poskatno. However, dual ramps to dismantle both. This is necessary for the proper alignment of the line pair skates, and in addition, if necessary, to replace the rafters in the valley.

How to replace the trim and stropilki, I detail the laid out in the proposed article. So, to cope with this problem, even an amateur. Enough to have your hands and tools. By the way, as an instrument. There is no need to hold your own power tools. Its possible to get hired. And this quite cheap. As you can see in the picture, revealed only the lower slopes are steep. The top also – completely protected from the rain. One – gidrobarer covered, the second is still under shiferom.Posle leveling ramps, and replacement stropilok specific, we set the vapor barrier. This we will defend our attic in the event of rain. Apart from this, Ray is ready for laying insulation. Personally, I prefer to install insulation on top, and not to himself over the head. In addition, the process and can be transferred. In principle, no one bothers to put a heater later, after a time. Then, of course, is obreshetnik. Step sheathing depends mainly on the type of the top layer of roofing.

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