Reverend Abba Isaiah

Overthroweth themselves before God in mind and obeying the commandments of humility, love up. Love enters a dispassion (82, 144). Do not do what, for reasons you, insult your brother (82, 179). If the mind is strengthened and will be solved follow love, I canceled all the passions of the flesh and spirit. 'Love is patient, love is not jealous, love does not boast, it is not proud "(1 Cor. 13, 4), makes it natural for the heart of permanence and not suffer him anything unnatural force to enslave the mind … Reverend Abba Isaiah (82, 197).

Someone asked the elder: "Why do today's devotees do not receive gifts of grace, as the ancients?" He answered: 'Because then there was love, and each raised passing up: now the love has cooled, and each involves the passing down. For this reason we shall not be granted a grace '(82, 398). Elder said: 'I never want to do, useful, and I unwholesome my brother, believing that acquisition brother is my purchase '(82, 399). Sinner must wean themselves from any human love, is not convinced that God accepted his repentance: the love of this world cut him off from God's love. Maxims unnamed elders (82, 405). 'There is no greater love than as a man lay down his life for his friends "(Jn 15, 13). If anyone hears the word and distressing, being able to meet the same word, overcome yourself and do not say or if anyone, being deceived, it will take and will not retaliate deceiver, he believes his life for his fellow man.

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