Ricardo Palma University

At the end of 2008, was signed the framework agreement of academic cooperation, scientific, technological and Cultural between the Spanish company, SOFT DIRECTIVE duly represented by its director, Isidro Fernandez, and, the RICARDO PALMA University of Peru, represented by its Rector, Dr. Elio Ivan Rodriguez Chavez. Both institutions have common purposes aimed at the realization of projects related to education, culture, technology and service to society, and given that the cooperation is of interest to both institutions, consider it desirable to establish this Convention. The purpose of this Convention is to promote innovation, technology and free software, by establishing and developing mechanisms and instruments of mutual collaboration and benefit, adding efforts and available resources for the purpose of providing better service to the community as well as promote the development of cultural, scientific and technological research. Initially, the COMPIERE ERP, as part of the plan will be incorporated You will be study of the Ricardo Palma University, likewise provided an annual prize for the best project realized with COMPIERE.

In turn, will create a center of Software excellence, composed by students of the last year of career which will work to refine what they have learned through practice, and disseminated knowledge developed by the Centre of excellence for Software companies of the environment such as social commitment of the University within its social scene. In this way, seeks to collaborate on the basis of reciprocity, through professional and scientific information services, encouraging the participation of scientific and cultural events and student practices. For more information, access.

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