Sevilla Stations

The League wants to charge to the radio broadcast football matches. Journalists observed a minute’s silence as a protest. The partido de el Sanchez Pizjuan between Sevilla and Malaga if it will be rebroadcast. Public radio stations and Spanish private silenced this Sunday their microphones for a minute to protest against the barrel which requires them to League of professional football (LFP) to relay the matches of first and second. The minute of silence was met from 20: 00 local time (18: 00 GMT), coinciding with the start of the match between Real Madrid and Real Zaragoza. The stations stopped its broadcasts, and the minute passed, its speakers asserted that the gesture was made to say no to the LFP and to ask the patron saint of the clubs if this (silence) is what they want.

Radio stations haven’t been able to enter, with few exceptions, in stadiums for relaying the games that started the League in first and second, but they have given timely information on meetings using alternative resources. Without However, the unity among the first clubs has not been total, since the Seville announced that Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan allowed free access to the stadium to the radio stations that tonight (22: 00 local, 03: 00 GMT)) be streaming the match with Malaga, the last of the day in course. Employees of the clubs only supported in stadiums to the media contained in a list of the LFP for having paid the barrel, step that only gave some local radios. Radios have reported in their sports schedules on the controversy with the LFP, giving entry to the opinion not only professionals, but also the listeners on this matter. We are going to continue expressing our refusal to claim the League of professional football and after the minute of silence, that are going to make all radios, we are going to hold a meeting the week coming to view the actions that we will take in the future, said the Secretary of the Spanish Association of commercial broadcasters (AERC), Alfonso Ruiz de Assin.

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