Smart Homes: No Vision For The Future!

What we have added a few decades ago as a visionary Lifestyle surprise, is already real, existing building services. In this innovative technology is not reserved on the basis of a central programmable control units for a large part of the total building electricity only about a wealthy minority. With the ability to initially install only individual units and then gradually expanding to more financial situation to be able to have these achievements already affordable for almost everyone. In the so-called smart homes, it covers not just about gadgets and seemingly superfluous luxury for pampered residents. Instead of sleeping in the latest generation of sophisticated home automation a diverse pool of options that serve not only all sorts of goodies for comfort and entertainment, but also include the optimization of safety devices, and considerable energy savings. The latter also shine through another attractiveHave dual effect: in addition to the good feeling at the same time made a contribution to reducing the environmental impact, namely, they also contribute to a rapid payback on investment. Lower heating costs by an individual adjustment of each radiator, coupled with an automatic shutter control, which follows the sun around the building a sense, stand as examples of a host of other fine adjustments. The cozy atmosphere can be created by different lighting scenes. Here the user specifies which lights are automatically switched to the mood. In contrast, convey smoke and motion detectors, a video surveillance system and a realistic simulation of the presence of the residents the highest level of security in their high-tech home. A panic button next to the bed turns all indoor and outdoor lighting at the same time. But what would all this without a simple operation The crucial feature of a smart home system lies in the bundling of individual elements Automationa complex infrastructure that works as normal. In a smart home technology must not be visible, but you have to have the feel of a smart home living. This is usually referred to as a connecting line (bus), be connected to all devices to be controlled. In a new residence is in most cases the European Installation Bus (KNX / EIB) to use, while one can make do with existing buildings with a powerline technology, in which the existing power line for controlling the various units are used. A visualization of part of the operator with a monitor on which one has at any time, all states of the entire system, such as open windows or the current lighting situation in view, and to intervene in accordance with his wishes to round off the comfort of a Smart Homes.

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