Social Development

It is probable that this company is responsible for the management of the part of the oil that will be as payment for the government in the new model of allotment of production. Not yet she is clearly if this company also will be able to invest in technological development of the area. The discovery of these reserves has provoked great debates in all the country and since then, many had started to defend new models of regulation to preserve a bigger part of this wealth for the country, being involved changes in the current legal landmark, of the current Law of the Oil (law n 9,478 of 1997). An organized inter-ministerial commission in 2008, worked during one year arguing different proposals to elaborate a new regulatory landmark project for the daily pay-salt. During the period where the new projects had been argued, the oil auctions had been interrupted in this area. The government presented a proposal for the constitution of a new regulatory landmark, with the model of allotment of production, a new state-owned company, the Petrosal, the creation of Deep of Social Development that would have also the function of a Deep Sovereign to reinvest the resources of the exploration of the daily pay-salt, and change in standard of distribution of royalties of the daily pay-salt, keeping the current distribution only for the areas is of this. This still has generated much quarrel, therefore the states next to the layer daily pay-salt, as So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, do not want to divide the profits with the other states. Everything this demonstrates that the subject still will have that very to be debated, not only the economic question more yes the ambient question that has been left in second plain. ambient 3.Questo In Brazil, the ambient question for the exploration of oil in sea this conducted by the Federal Law n 9966 of 2000, that it makes use on the prevention, the control and the fiscalization of the pollution caused for oil launching and other harmful or dangerous substances in waters under national jurisdiction, this law, was a reply to the accidents occurred to the time.

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