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Version 13 ensures reliability of data for company, Trillium Software, a global leader in the segment of data quality, has brought the latest version of its data quality suite “Trillium Software system” on the market. The completely revised and expanded in many places version 13 of the software package offers among other things a new user interface that significantly improves the possibilities of collaboration between IT and departments in the company. In addition, the possibility of continuous monitoring for enterprise-wide data was simplified governance projects. The new user interface of the Trillium Software system covers the methodology of data lifecycle from analysis on the improvement to the proactive management of the data. Underlying in the Trillium Software’s own methodological approach “discover, develop, deploy & manage” (you get more information here: success/BeCertain/Methodology_v13.html). Thus one will with version 13 of the Trillium Software system of its kind on the market so far unique integrated management of data quality projects possible.

The software also provides the ability to organize projects about roles and responsibilities with the new, intuitive interface. This feature, as well as new developments started in the management of data quality projects and their implementation. Comprehensive monitoring capabilities ensure that users always keep track. The Trillium Software system allowing the monitoring of data quality and data governance policies, what is especially in rapidly changing organizations benefit. In addition, to provide various functions of the Trillium Software system across the enterprise is simplified. Also, all aspects of data quality issues are easier to visualize the version 13. The highest possible level of data quality the version 13 of the Trillium Software system keeps always reliable data and a high degree of reliability at all Corporate decisions. technology investor has similar goals. Thus to mitigate not only risks but also an active contributor to the success of the company is provided. Statements: “when companies compare the different offers on the data quality market, they have to consider, that it’s not only the range of functionality in terms of the requirements.

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