Success Entrepreneurship

One of the most attractive types of representation are packing paper bags. But the first packages were created relatively recently. Until they become different people used baskets, bags, linen bags, etc. Until the middle of last century, paper bags do not have a replacement, but soon pushed the plastic bags paper bags on the market. But a new problem arose – the environment. Polyethylene production pollutes environment. Many countries have fully or partially installed the ban on the use of plastic bags.

Paper bags again increasingly come into use and very popular. We are a leading supplier of paper packages and envelopes on the Ukrainian market. At our factory uses the latest technology and equipment that allows production of large volumes of products in the shortest time with high quality. Our customers appreciated appreciated our services – production of paper bags on order, automated production of packages of different directions (bags for food and non food products, bags for packaging of charcoal bags for pets, bags of coins, paper bags with handles), the possibility of applying the customer's logo and design custom design by our specialists on request, flexo printing up to 4 colors, envelopes in stock, envelopes. All products are certified in Ukraine and world standards.

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