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Computer Instructor

At this stage the main goal is to develop teacher uchaenika conscious knowledge and skills. When one becomes acquainted with the rules of traffic apply such training as an essential element a clear demonstration of the material under study. In examining the specific flaws in the road, crossroads, junctions in the city and on the track you will learn how… (more…)

Technical Supervision

"It seems to be toned and not (because we paid coating on the glass). BUT! The coating should limit "VISIBILITY" with the driver's seat. What is "Visibility"? VISIBILITY – The property of the vehicle, determined by the driver to see a workplace outside the space vehicle. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has compatible beliefs. That is, in fact it is the… (more…)

Forest Code

Down and Out but the trouble started. So we have now, under the new Forest Code, can be taken in the forest long-term lease. Of course, the tenant – this is not the owner who cares not only about themselves but also their heirs. However, it is still a responsible entity, rather than "users of forests, which were earlier. Not… (more…)

Furniture Warehousing

Previously, this could be seen only in Hollywood movies – the client draws up hiring warehouse furniture dumped there, pay, and it is there for many years in complete safety. But now, these services have appeared in many major cities. In certain positions it is very convenient not only for individuals but also for offices. After all, if the apartment… (more…)

Cars Repair

MC Motors Pyatigorsk began operations in 1998, thus becoming the first in the region of CMS company specializing in the repair of cars of American, European, Korean and Japanese brands: Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler and others. MC Motors Pyatigorsk – the only company in the region of CMS, which owns the… (more…)