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Range Rover

Ponto , sorry, a prestigious, large, high, high, stuffed with various electronic toys, moreover, capable of giving pleasure to drive. A look well, Cayenne was so terrible that his perceived ugliness as beauty. In addition, many important, not the beauty and brutality. Thus, Cayenne has made the company from Stuttgart nehily cash, and the Germans began to prepare a restyling.… (more…)

State Defence Committee

Ural factory has been operating for sixty years, producing the light best domestic automotive designs. The history of its origin rather remarkable. Based on the decision of the State Committee of Defense on November 30, 1941 Automobile construction and foundry manufacturing facility in the city of Miass who were evacuated from the factory im.Stalina (VMS) in Moscow. Installation of equipment… (more…)

Driving Instruction

"All that's enough to be pedestrian, tired!" – You decide, and go on to consider the proposals dealers, or buy for a long time prismotrennuyu model four-wheel friend. Buying is very serious, and promises lots of changes in your daily life. However, before you can enjoy it, it is necessary to obtain important knowledge and skills. Looking for the right,… (more…)

Olga Nedelin

It was reported that spending in parts of the construction and repair of roads will be reduced by about 15 percent. However, it was announced that the cost of the work will be reduced without detriment to the quality and quantity, and due to a general fall in prices, including the market value of the materials. None less leaked rumors… (more…)

The Entrance

Go in the wake of his own wife – Empty the tank faster. Take into account human physiology. Before a long journey, do not drink much water, do not forget about the passengers. This is no joke. Trip can turn into hell: from bush to bush on the principle of 'girl – right, boys – to the left', and thence… (more…)


Modern man and the mobile phone are inseparable with each other, and even in the car we can not deny the pleasure, and often the need to communicate. However, in a car talking on a cell phone just does not safely. Here we have the support of speakerphone. Some time ago, communication in the car can be made only by… (more…)