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Employee Innovation Unit

The Japanese have long paid attention to the development of intellectual property in their companies, it requires a constant expenditure on employee training on intellectual quest, but but the Japanese quality is known throughout the world, and they are one step ahead of the order of ten industries. Russia also holds a strong position as long as the nuclear industry… (more…)

Refresh Data

It should be noted that instead of C26 you have to substitute the last line number in your table, such as C24. Drag the fill handle to the right, fill the cells in three columns. Amounts in the opening balance and turnover were calculated. For calculating the amounts at the end of the period should introduce a more complicated formula.… (more…)

Information Technology

The main issues for discussion were: The use of business opportunities offered ITOptimizatsiya IT infrastructure Ways and means of overcoming the "barriers" Formation of CIS architecture by "natural selection" That's the practical aspects of these issues interest both experts and audiences. The second day of the Congress was held under the theme "Creating (building) of the IT infrastructure by use… (more…)

Success Entrepreneurship

One of the most attractive types of representation are packing paper bags. But the first packages were created relatively recently. Until they become different people used baskets, bags, linen bags, etc. Until the middle of last century, paper bags do not have a replacement, but soon pushed the plastic bags paper bags on the market. But a new problem arose… (more…)


Here the basic principle of income – check all known sponsors, then the sum of earnings is much increased. Surfing: You pay the advertised page views. Depending on the sponsor’s payment is being, or in U.S. dollars Rubles or credit. Credits can be sold, or to spend on promotion of the site. Affiliate Programs: The essence of earnings: You become… (more…)