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Wrought Iron Gates

A business card at home, a front entry, the pride and sense of artistic taste of the owners – it's all about the forged gates and wickets, the first encountered the guests and employees at the same time secure the protection of the territory of the plot, estates, manors. In the old days when there were no manufacturing techniques forged… (more…)

Venetian Mosaic’s Modern Design

So far the history of Venetian mosaics they put down roots in the distant XII XIII centuries. It begins with the activities of Greek masters and for XII and XIII centuries. evolves towards a gradual blending of Venetian mosaic taking on the direction of Roman and local Venetian style. For several years, during the Byzantine mosaic as it evolved into… (more…)

Cloth Wallpaper

Then, using a roller or brush pit at the back of the canvas applied adhesive. When sticking to note the thin paper wall promazyvayut glue only once, and more dense – twice. After applying the adhesive wallpaper is folded precisely aligning with the edge of the cloth adhesive side inside. Then folded so the cloth is folded again, moving both… (more…)

Aesthetics Open Fireplace

Safety of public and private fireplaces Under the rules of fire safety, outdoor fireplace must be equipped with a protective shield to prevent fire in the premises of shooting sparks and burning rate of wood. At the same time, the shield must not impede the flow of air into the fireplace. In a shallow open fires or large zaruzke wood… (more…)

The Door

To open such a door should be easy. Again according to GOST doors are divided not only by class resistance to cracking, but also for bullet resistance and fire resistance. The door of any model should have a separate certificate of compliance requirements. Typically, such a document after the tests are issued only for one specific model. Experts advise not… (more…)

Pipe Wrench Directions

Pipe wrench is used to build water and other pipes with threaded and it can be used to capture the bolts. Arranged it so that it would be as “jammed” with obhvatyvanii surface. He designed solely on the effort arm, otherwise he might fail. There are several types of pipe wrenches: straight, lever, chain and remeshkovye. These keys are in… (more…)

Frame House

Many people want to build your own frame house on their own. To do this, there are two main reasons. The first – so they plan to save their own funds to pay the workers. Second – they are convinced that difficult to find a construction company that builds a house "on the conscience." For example, in Canada, participation in… (more…)

Dry Screed Floor

Want to perfectly align the floor without any investments? And the mud as sand, concrete and other debris you completely out of what? Avoid all these troubles will dry screed. And though this technology known since the mid-nineteenth century, is currently building such a procedure at the peak of popularity with those who want to make a complete repair in… (more…)


Any person's personal life should keep the house – or that would build it. And because of its property to Juma, have to think about protection at home. Now widely used security cameras, turnstiles, barriers, latches, time tracking and other devices, which helps keep the house safe. Excellent used video surveillance, which allow you to record on electronic storage medium… (more…)

Corrosion Protection

But the most significant difference from the protection of colors is to limit the size of the protected product size baths or shops where they metalliziruyutsya zinc. See more detailed opinions by reading what technology investor offers on the topic.. Steamer into the bathtub is not vsunesh. That's how the combine is still industrialists painting galvanized. Exit suggested itself –… (more…)