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Apartment Life

Scheme of heating the apartment with minikotla. Minikotel is a sealed tank capacity 2.1 litra.Vnutri tank placed an electric heater as a heater which can be used or two elektroda.Nizhnyaya part of the tank through a valve connected to one side of the back line of the heating system, and on the other through a valve-equipped with electronic flow liniey.Bachok… (more…)

Rosenheimer Glastechnik Gmb

PLANLINE is the perfect solution for a flush glass system in the drywall. “The holistic concept combines design, functional aesthetics, hygiene and efficiency at the highest level and meets all requirements, the one by a state-of-the-art product” must expect. Meet us at the international dry construction Conference itf on 06 / 07.10.2011 in Darmstadt, a BIG event. Since 1990, develops… (more…)