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Pacific Ocean

Some indirectos solar effect can very be important and they are not led in account for the models. Thus, the part of the global heating caused by the share human being could be lesser of what if it thinks currently. (Source: The Skeptical Environmentalist) Effect Due to the potential effect on the health human being, economy and environment the global… (more…)

Brazil Population

Sustainable cities the trucks of laborers came of all part of Brazil wanting to collaborate, thinking that they went to find the land of the promission, and are back in the cities satellites, so poor how much before. It is not enough to make a modern city; she is necessary to change the society. This is that it is important.… (more…)

Zoning Techniques

As instruments, it presents the gerenciamentos geoambiental and of the natural resources. The first search to harmonize and to make compatible the use of the natural resources using itself of zoning techniques that result in a plan of occupation of the space and the resources. The relevance of this plan is in the establishment of the potential of use of… (more…)