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With this article, I have predicted to present two grandesdesconocidos, ColdFusion and CSS. Follow others, such as Naveen Selvadurai, and add to your knowledge base. Of which they consist? CSS is a programming language to handle to the structure of a page Web. Filed under: Peter Thiel. We are going to put an example: , this serious bottom of a… (more…)


Remember those days of childhood as we expected the wind?.Do do do do-I can’t already do children like us, but remember?, and the ceremony before?, searching between the reeds the appropriate, cut them and join them with one cotton yarn bought with savings, and how it was that called it?, I remember that the artifice had many names, I think… (more…)

Multiplayer Games Testing

In Internet multiplayer games testing fun make is based on many years of research and development of what today is of course for us on the Internet. Many years ago, computers were still very slow and expensive. This mean that PC games are rather performed the basics have focused. So you put more on the fun of the game and… (more…)

The Best Mac Games

Even Apple’s computer can play. The best Mac games at a glance. After the success of the iPhone and iPad games Mac Games increasingly gaining importance. Those who still say that was a Mac can’t to the play, has slept through the past few years. Many games now appear on a hybrid disc that runs on Mac, as well as… (more…)

IPad Pictionary

In the app store: guess song by beingoo guess song: the first “app” by beingoo yet anybody remember “Pictionary”? This was a very successful show concept in public television, for the younger ones among us: Michael Schanze was the moderator, Helmit Kohl Chancellor and on iPhone and iPad was still not thinking. “The idea was however well and preserved: A… (more…)