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Fbio Cesar

In 1984, the IPA, started a work of support to the agriculturists of the communities of: Lagoon of Rock, Marimbondo and Serrote of the oxen, in 4 District, where the first concern of the technician of the IPA, was to create an association, that was well accepted for the agriculturists. Then, the technician of the IPA, with some communitarian leaderships… (more…)

Computer Science Education

The type of research in accordance with the procedures technician that we use is of bibliographical revision, where we search to analyze the relative productions to the subject in question, and with this to weave our hypotheses/questionings and consideraes. Of this form on this type of research Tafner and Silva they affirm: ' ' … Continue to learn more with:… (more…)

The Ancient

Enjoy created the work. Barber is a master of his craft in the area of cutting, coloring and more. Barber is also a kind of doctor who cares about the health of the hair of our customers. Work hairdresser – it nastoyascheeiskusstvo, requiring the utmost precision and professionalism. Who did the pioneer and trendsetter in the beauty and appearance of… (more…)

New World Civilizations

Investigating the structure of the human past millennium, Toynbee civilizations discovered five live: 1) western society, united Western Christianity, 2) Christian-Orthodox, or Byzantine, society, Located in South-Eastern Europe and Russia, and 3) Islamic society – from North Africa and the Middle East to the Great Wall of China, and 4) the Hindu society in the tropical subcontinent of India, 5)… (more…)

Cabral Steps Joo Freire Ribeiro Barreto Pear

Inah, with an amiable smile, but certainly, with one pontinha of vitiates, said without losing the classroom: ' ' I understand well the vocs very poetas' '. Such understanding that, in fact, age existed in integral degree, for the Freire, repaid with an intense love engrandecido for the recognition and admiration. It always esteem the company of the wife wanted… (more…)

National Guard

Summary the National Guard in the Brazilian Empire of the beginning to one processode legalized transference of the power of the state for the grandesproprietrios of land, that were the agrarian elite of the period imperialdando beginning what he was known as coronelismo, a prticaclientelista that if presented with bigger force in the first years darepblica Brazilian, the present article… (more…)