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Social Networks

Many social networks have already been said about social networks. And yet, their popularity does not drop, they are delaying an increasing number of people, ready for hours on end view news of friends, photographs, Comments, etc. Employers have long pointed out how quickly falling productivity of employees who have uncontrolled access to the Internet. Some have even imposed the… (more…)

Exchange Guards

More recently, exchange of guards were very fashionable among bloggers and webmasters. Technology Investor pursues this goal as well. A list of blogs that engage in exchanges of guards, you can find one of my sites. It was believed that the exchange of guards – almost a miracle remedy, that allows the blog to promote absolutely no cost. Indeed, is… (more…)


With a breakthrough in our lives Network, everything has changed and the vision of humanity. Incyte has many thoughts on the issue. If earlier, in order to perceive the appearance of man, it was necessary to look into his eyes, but now enough to communicate avatars 100×100, or small Pictures in profile, and do not always need it to be… (more…)

The Modes

They continue to look for a soul mate and hope to find her on a dating site. Unlucky in the questionnaire honestly point to point, "love relationships", "marriage Start a Family, "" desire to have children. " In this case, the required long-term real relationship in order to understand whether you fit this man or not. 5.2 "Conditionally unlucky" –… (more…)

Internet Advertising

Google representatives have made the forecast about what changes await the Internet advertising market in the next five years. Representatives of Google, speaking at the iab conference in New York, spoke about the prospects of online advertising in the next five years. The main thesis presentation by Barry Saltzman (Barry Salzman), Managing Director, Google, Media, Google has stated in his… (more…)

Integrated Marketing Channels

It is no secret that the strategic marketing planning – a process that requires pre-preparation and good knowledge of the interests and habits of the target audience of the advertised product or service. Smart importance are the channels of information to potential customers. Suppose a company sells products for the industry, it would be logical to assume that its potential… (more…)

Global Web Network

Almost every day in developing a global network of many websites. This is due to the fact that the level of education in computer science rose to very high values. Launching the web site no longer requires Special expertise in web design. It is quite enough just to be able to handle a computer or laptop. The developer site greatly… (more…)

Terminology In Web-design

In relations web-designer – customer is often a misunderstanding of the large number of terms, without which the designer do, and the customer their first time to hear. I want to help you facilitate these relationships for more productive work. So the key terms in web-design: (Anonymous FTP) Anonymous FTP-access, allowing any visitor to the site to download files from… (more…)

Ukrainian TV

The first signs appeared online TV for a long time. But while it caused only a smile and misunderstanding. As it is, watch TV online? Admittedly, that was the cause. Both subjective and objective. Subjective costs include stereotypes that television alone, and the computer separately. A list of objective reasons to distrust online TV perhaps much longer. To them we… (more…)

New Service Exchange Visitors

There is a new service for exchange visitors FeedMates for site owners. FeedMates idea is very simple – you place on your pages a script that translates the messages rss-feeds from other blogs (). And other blogs broadcast your content. The text that appears on your pages is relevant to the content of your articles, like the Adsense contextual advertising.… (more…)