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Internet Mobile

The locations of cell phones is possible but there are legal restrictions know many people only from the television the places of a mobile phone number. In thrillers locates the police such as the mobile phone of a suspect, to find out his location. In reality, that looks very similar to, the mobile phone tracking is an important technology today… (more…)


“” “” “Why Apple has covered itself with the new iPhone 5 not with glory one carries out a simple survey, like one on the subject of Smartphone” stands, then it meets usually on all possible impressions, ranging from everyday life easing “and there is no (longer) without” up there to makes people lazy “or Prollmaschine”. Yes to everything, if… (more…)

Google Smartphone

Different Smartphone test results are provided and clearly show the advantages but also the disadvantages which are not to be found on the manufacturer pages. The Smartphone market is developing at a rapid speed, can be stopped by nothing. The cell phones placed today on the market are obsolete again in principle because the technology always continues forward. Extensions in… (more…)