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Happy Year 1991

Primal Scream unfolds in the FIB, 20 years later, their Screamadelica, point of the spear of a prodigious year for music. Something strange happens when history inaugurates a new decade. The world is put in war and the bands produce discs that redefine music. It happened in 2001 with the attack of the Twin Towers and appearance of the best… (more…)

About Madrid

Pep Guardiola says that it does not have all with himself. That Barcelona is not the favorite. That Madrid is over them. " The sensation that we have is that Madrid is better than we, because we go a little justitos and will be difficult to win if we played like the other day (for Sunday) " , there is… (more…)

Knut Storberget

The priority is " to give and to give consuelo&quot us; , to fight by one " participation major poltica" and " still greater commitment with democracia". Youths in Utya Stoltenberg remembered that the camping of Social-Democratic youths of the island of Utya was " the quarry of our better talents polticos". It remembered in this respect that he himself… (more…)