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European Commission

Remica has decided to undertake a project of optimization of resources on the part of management concerning the documentary processes, adopting the electronic invoice. This project comes in line with its concern to serve and satisfy their customers, consistent with its objectives of efficiency and reduction of its impact on the environment. Madrid, spring 2010. Yolanda Asensio of the computer… (more…)


The majority of people who decide to create a web page, usually do without any kind of planning; i.e., they build the site on the fly, slowly knowing what is required for its success. This ignorance achieves that the construction of the web is improvised, without concrete objectives; which inevitably leads to their failure and gradual expulsion of the network.… (more…)


Fear is an alarm that prevents us from progress that it paralyzes us, somehow is a defense mechanism but, as we know if it is fear, or respect or simply find the easy way to not feel pain against the changes that we have or we must experience if we want to achieve our goals? And if we are aware… (more…)

Heart Collaborates

Share your capital, your knowledge, your time, your dreams, your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, allows others to enjoy what you have, what you have and the people who are to your around. He collaborates with others so that they can thrive and leave black holes that torment them. He selflessly collaborating both occupationally and personally, don’t worry if they… (more…)