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Supreme Principle

Not necessarily that it would have seen the God, it has interpretation exaggerated, what in the Toms truth de Aquino witness-it would have lived deeply a very strong intuition, certainty that if findou in act of death, as all passes the life reflecting regarding what he is God, could have cheated to a miraculosa vision of as it is to… (more…)

The Ideas

In Plato the references to the love reach a plurality of descriptions and classifications. Thus, the love can be compared with a form of hunting or as a madness and even though with a powerful God. In this direction, according to Plato, it can have three species of love: of the body, of the soul and the one it mixes… (more…)

Bible Encyclopedia

I examined all the other things that are below of You and vi that nor they exist absolutely, nor total leave to exist. On the other hand they exist, therefore they come from You; for another one they do not exist, therefore they are not what It are. However, it only exists truily what it remains invariant. Therefore, ‘ ‘… (more…)

The Truth

If, however, religious with who the pilgrim always says mind, then sentence q is false. For the table truth of bi conditional, the sentence ' ' p, if and only if, q' ' she is, therefore, false. But, as religious to who the pilgrim if dirige always mind, then this religious one will say: ' ' It is truth! '… (more…)


See you It when the sun, rain, the moon, the stars still reveal in the Land. Without It he would not have its manifestations. You Of it if feed, therefore who of the Life to the Nature is It. You bush its headquarters when she drinks the water that is generated in the sources of which nor have knowledge. The… (more…)

The Good Savage

Without saying of the modifications and damages that homo to faber cause to the environment, arrasando mountains, arrebentando rocks, arroteando the lands and raising on the enormous ground its construes.6 ‘ ‘ The man is born exempts, and for all the part meets it ferros.’ ‘ 7 This phrase illustrates the idea of that the work, we see as it… (more…)


Depending on the nature of his emotional tendencies, personal life stories it can complement the "wrong conclusions" new facts, to find they confirm. Occurs a kind of "mind game". Thus there are real negative emotions and creates real problems in relationships with important people for him. For more information see Brad Pitt. As a result, psychological "elaboration" a man realizes… (more…)