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Disposal And Recycling Of Tires

At the end of December 2008 were amended into the legislation on environmental protection. Cancelled licensing of the collection, use, disposal, transportation, waste disposal hazard class V, and also on the accumulation of waste hazard class iv. Introduced a notification procedure for reporting of actual well-educated, employed and waste disposal. These changes do not mean that you can now not… (more…)


Sectional radiators are reliable and affordable heating equipment. Sectional radiators, as their name implies, consist of sections, whose number can vary, depending on what level of heat is needed in the room. These radiators can easily fit a certain size, to fit them into the interior so that the radiator does not overlap too much of the wall. Sectional Radiators… (more…)

Microwave Systems

Compact nucleus, scalable and have a modular and well-structured building. Typical representatives (Microwave Systems) and qnx (QNX Software Systems, Canada). Control system with the unix operating system real-time rewrite of the core standard operating system to meet the requirements of real time. These systems support the entire set of UNIX-based applications. However, real-time unix system has a large volume and… (more…)

Height Console

Positive: a large assortment of storage. Low cost of shelving. Direct access to all products. Negative: required aisle racks (usually from 1m). 3. Saving storage for long-length storage of long goods used cantilever racks. This type of shelving consists of two main elements – the rack and the console, which it is attached. For greater efficiency of use as one-sided… (more…)

Design Of Fiber Optic

When designing a fiber-optic (fiber-optic communication lines) should immediately answer the following questions: 1. Characteristics of the signal to be broadcast via fiber-optic 2. Distance signal transmission over fiber optic 3. Route fiber-optic cable (in the sewers, open, etc.) 4. Is there a connection to a particular type of active equipment, 5. Is there an existing fiber-optic line that needs… (more…)

Factory Technologies

Our new range – is the machine of a different generation, and the creation of promising new models – one of the areas over which constantly work in a factory. Credo of the plant – to continually work on updating the range, to improve the quality and reliability of the machine and it does not increase the price on it.… (more…)

The Water

In principle, also useful in the economy thing. If the nearest well with clean water an hour and a half away, so the pump can be used for watering the garden and the water can be taken from the nearest ditch or pond. But the main purpose of the drain pump – pumping contaminated water from basements, basements and other… (more…)

Given Pairs

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of every factory building is a system of ventilation. Relevance of ventilation quickly and provable in the summer heat and winter cold. In our time venting devices provide an opportunity to create an atmosphere with well-defined characteristics. It can touch and temperature and humidity, and stay in the air, suspended particles. For any… (more…)