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The Bourgeois

The desire is controlled – normatizao of what he is morally or not accepted. The three faces of a game that aims at a perfect circle. A ertico discursivo climate is created, which, at the same time that says it is stirred up it, restrains the desire – Paradox of the Confession. The same used artifice for the cientificidade of… (more…)


A man with a pain is much more elegant? Many people, as I, love poetry. for liking in such a way, finishes writing some poems, is atrevem in seara of verses and the feelings disclosed in the words or, many times, only suggested for them, a time that, as already &#039 said somebody of weight in this subject; ' The… (more…)


Depending on the nature of his emotional tendencies, personal life stories it can complement the "wrong conclusions" new facts, to find they confirm. Occurs a kind of "mind game". Thus there are real negative emotions and creates real problems in relationships with important people for him. For more information see Brad Pitt. As a result, psychological "elaboration" a man realizes… (more…)

Third Pure Command

One notices in almost all the posters, the drawing or feminine figures. Some with mantles light, as they were saints, others portraying the mother. The available equipment is only two and exactly thus functioning of form precarious, with the tremendous screen the entire time. When the 6 pupils enter in the room, the first question who make the instructor almost… (more…)

Diet And Behavior

Teaching that the comment of the behavior and the control of the computer hacker thoughts will be for all always. It sends to the person the responsibility of what it conquered until here and that will be able to obtain to keep this result, therefore will only depend on itself exactly. Thus, the program, leaving in opened the necessity of… (more…)