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Marketing Plans

You have already set the goal of meeting marketing and advertising, now it goes to the promotion of the event. Design and start with promotional strategies, create a Web page for the Conference, print promotional materials such as flyers, brochures and handouts, you ads in industry-related magazines and newspapers, can promote your event on other conferences and conventions attract potential… (more…)

Large Group Methods

Effective action planning, strategy development and actionable results with up to 500 persons possible large group events can achieve big effects in change processes of companies. With large group methods, it is possible to effectively involve entire workforces, subgroups, or management teams in change processes. Choosing the right method, even large groups can achieve actionable results within a short time.… (more…)

Wedding Photographer

The dress is bought and the rings ordered now mulling the bride and groom on the question: spend good money for a professional photographer or would you prefer Uncle Fritz snapping with his get? “” The Hochzetskleid is purchased, ordered the rings and now mulling the bride and groom on the issue: “spend good money for a professional photographer or… (more…)

Office On Time Services

Flexible office services, seminar rooms, phone service, call center, etc. We live a fast paced time of economic waste and recovery, which is accompanied by an increased number of bankruptcies, which stands in stark contrast to the increasing number of business start-ups. Young Start-Ups of the Internet boom are now grown up. Daily shoot another new Start-Up companies off the… (more…)