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Depending on the nature of his emotional tendencies, personal life stories it can complement the "wrong conclusions" new facts, to find they confirm. Occurs a kind of "mind game". Thus there are real negative emotions and creates real problems in relationships with important people for him. For more information see Brad Pitt. As a result, psychological "elaboration" a man realizes… (more…)


Eastern Astrology – an ancient art, which makes it possible to reveal the identity of the person, his disposition, characteristics, health, intention to work and ability, compatibility with other people. East horoscope is based on a decade of solar-lunar cycle, it is in their own turn, is subdivided into five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, metal – and the… (more…)

Reverend Abba Isaiah

Overthroweth themselves before God in mind and obeying the commandments of humility, love up. Love enters a dispassion (82, 144). Do not do what, for reasons you, insult your brother (82, 179). If the mind is strengthened and will be solved follow love, I canceled all the passions of the flesh and spirit. 'Love is patient, love is not jealous,… (more…)