Technician Company

An idea can at a certain time be very good in itself, but irrelevant for the company of the time. Of equal way one devises can be very attractive and original but incompatible with the resources of the company. The best ideas are those than, besides being attractive, they satisfy the objectives with the organization Is important to consider, the importance of stimulates r of such form that is generated ideas of a creative form, through the application of techniques like the storm of ideas, for example. ” innovacin” one does not take place by itself. It must be managed, be fed and controlled on systematic form. In this point it will turn out useful to review the different components that help a company to more effectively manage the innovation processes. Later, it is necessary it indicates as it you rule of selection, filters that eliminate those ideas that are not interesting.

The selected ideas, will have to pass ” filtro” of the viability. An idea can be attractive, but not to be viable for the company from a point of view: – Financier: there are resources no sufficient to carry out it. – Technician: we do not have the tools or technology to develop them. – Commercial: he is not compatible with the commercial strategy of the company or does not exist market for that product. The nonviable ideas will give in, and those that pass these studies will happen to the phase of implantation, where an action program will pay attention. Ana remembers to us Stream Muoz and Jaione Ganzarain, to take into account the eight elements that are due to develop to obtain the positive results in the area of the innovation.

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