The Agreement

Payments high ". Next trick: to gather all interested persons, to place in jobs, to give each its part of the text and wait for the candidates will do the necessary work. Everything. Deny everything. And … involving all hands to the next …

2. Test work with pay. Option the first method, the employer also makes a for trial work. For example, you must perform a test translation from foreign languages, and for checking the quality of the translation must still pay supposedly to pay for services of the interpreter. 3. Obtaining data on the work for a fee.

It is mainly used in off-line. The newspaper printed an ad for paid work. In response to a request, offer to send the details (description) work, thus it is necessary to pay for postage (this is supposedly protected from possible abuse or simple human curiosity). Further, the method or sent to the job description, which is of sound mind and do something you will not. For example, collecting cow gallstones their subsequent delivery to the preparation of drugs. One such option is used by some homebrew MLM companies. When you come for an interview offer to pay the costs of registration or the purchase of seed set of goods. And pay several times more than the real value of the goods or the costs of registration. And then – still, this set will sell or not. Unemployed a dime a dozen! So be careful when determining what company are simply trying to cash in on you, and where – are offering part in serious business. 4. Providing the coordinates of employers who have needs Workers in jobs that interest you. Since you signed a contract to provide addresses of employers who have a need for workers for positions that interest you. For a fee, of course. In the agreement entered point, according to which the firm agrees to only provide you with the coordinates of the employer, ie, without any guarantee of employment. Often, even the jobs are non-existent. Repeated requests to work or you will not bother to go to the firm. Sometimes, this method is used, and unscrupulous real estate agencies, providing information about surrendering to rent apartments. 5. Well, finally – option manipulation with you the concept of "trial period". Here earn on the difference between his salary during the probation period and after its completion. It happens that these values differ considerably. And then, it's simple. Employed person for a probationary period – usually the maximum. And after its completion, and dismissed. Following other recruits, and the situation repeats. Savings on the wage gap remains in the firm. Therefore, when get a job, if possible check the reputation of the firm, try to talk to other people. Finally, cautious attitude to firms where the difference in wages during and after the trial period varies considerably. Be careful!

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