The Ancient

Enjoy created the work. Barber is a master of his craft in the area of cutting, coloring and more. Barber is also a kind of doctor who cares about the health of the hair of our customers. Work hairdresser – it nastoyascheeiskusstvo, requiring the utmost precision and professionalism. Who did the pioneer and trendsetter in the beauty and appearance of a man who first drew attention to the beauty and ornament of human beauty? After some Historical studies have shown that it is a merit of the ancient Egyptians. It is not something technology investor would like to discuss.

One of the first learned to not only henna and blanch them, but also used to perm hair iron rod "KALAMIS." Male top shaved his head bald classes, and women cut their short enough to care, because it was hot and tormented by insects. But times were changing and not only hygienic but also fashion. People have become more picky and demanding their appearance. The ancient Egyptians were a virtuoso in the art of hairdressing and hair could create great beauty and splendor. In those days colored hair entirely and the individual strands, cheat and weave in accordance with the mode and time of the era. So come down to the modern contemporary art service, such as coloring in a coloring the tone or two, three or even more colors. But the decorations were as in antiquity.

We used silver and gold hoops, tiaras, ribbons and flowers. In our time, all listed as widely used in modern art. In ancient Egypt, the barber was quite difficult to find.

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