The Diamond And The Jewels

The diamond is mineral the more duro than it exists and it brings about an attraction grandsima in many people. This must to its characteristic brightness mainly transforms that it into a stone very appraised. For 3,000 years when it was found that the diamond owns a highest spiritual value and is why it is used for the jewel manufacture different, between which are alliances of wedding, ring of commitment, slopes, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. In the following lines these jewels are mentioned and the use with diamonds. Alliances of wedding: The alliances can be elaborated in yellow gold or white gold, but in many occasions the diamond alliance is used, that makes inlaying small diamonds in the common alliance. Ring of commitment: This ring is very valuable in the wedding reason why it symbolizes and it is advised to request advising before buying it. Mainly ring with diamonds is used, since they have been part of the tradition for a very long time.

A quite common example is the yellow gold ring with diamonds. Slopes: They are divided in long and short slopes and they are chosen according to the hairdo, the face and the dress that the woman uses then. The yellow gold slopes with diamonds make an accessory more than ideal to accompany with the nuptial suit. Pendants: They are perfect like birthday gift, special anniversaries or other occasions and also they can be used in the day to day. The white gold pendants with diamonds that make very have a fan varied of colors and forms. Bracelets: The bracelets form a very showy complement in the image of a woman, thanks to their figures and components. The gold bracelets with diamonds offer a wonderful visual addition. Necklaces: To a large extent they are used by the fianc2ee at the time of the wedding and so that it forms an pleasant element the necklaces with diamonds are also used and the Australian necklaces of Rep them. The named diamond jewels are most frequent and those than they take place more in the market of the jewelry shop.

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