The Entrance

Go in the wake of his own wife – Empty the tank faster. Take into account human physiology. Before a long journey, do not drink much water, do not forget about the passengers. This is no joke. Trip can turn into hell: from bush to bush on the principle of 'girl – right, boys – to the left', and thence immediately to the gas station. Residents of big cities, conducting weekend at the cottage, the worst have a Friday evening on the outskirts of the metropolis and on Sunday evening at the entrance to it. In this nerve crush most advanced technology consumes gasoline in buckets. What should I do? There is no single recipe! Some time off from work early, while others postpone a trip to the late night, and still others returned from a summer residence on Monday morning.

In general, if circumstances permit, try not to get into during peak hours. Bustle of city streets is difficult to predict. Here, the optimal route is chosen by experimentation. And a long way can be faster and cheaper short. In any case, the way to work and back should be examined in minute detail. Submit its load, depending on the day of the week to know operation of traffic lights, etc.

Ideally, a good idea to have several own, well established, stereotyped movements of the city from end to end. And to reduce them any unforeseen travel entirely or partially. Listen to the radio, watch television, read newspapers. Holidays, demonstrations, meetings of delegations, visits the government, opening shops, operation of wholesale markets.

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