The Model

Method of manufacture is as follows. C one side of the pipe weld up or sealed. Aluminum piston cut the hole pipe, which is necessary to provide a handle (the rod at the same time is the length of the pipe). In the sealed portion of the pipe drill a hole into which soldered fitting a rubber hose, the other end of which is provided with nipple-tip, the diameter sprue of the mold. Filled with a model compound, press the syringe dipped in boiling water until tender melt, which is thoroughly mixed and cooled to a paste-like state at a temperature of 55-60 C and pressed into mold. Just under pressure into a mold to submit and the molten metal.

Also caster can make yourself one more necessary for device – a hand centrifuge. In the wooden handle to skip the steel rod of 7 mm diameter, it still will attach to earring (in this case The handle should rotate freely on the rod). Stand for the flask will serve as a steel cylinder, whose bottom is less than 100 mm. in diameter. To stand bracket is welded to the ring in the middle, which connects to Earring yoke (40 cm) of solid wire with reliable rings on the ends. Flask must be able to fit in the stand and form duplicate it – the same cylinder, but without a bottom. Forming the model produced in this way.

Molten wax to the model are fixed steel needles – pins gating, which should intersect at a point where they also held together by wax. Given the size of the model, flask choose such a height that between its bottom and model was a gap of at least an inch, and at the top of the molding composition can be cut gating cup for melting metal. Ready to fill the investment ring forming a mass in a fireproof sheet (asbestos). Taking the model for the pin, it immersed in the uncured molding composition, swaying from side to side so did not get air. After hardening of the mass (in the presence of the moderator – not earlier than one hour) at the top of the flask cut Juncaceae the bowl and pull out the pins. Gating channels should be at the center of the bowl. Smelting operation (removal) wax model is as follows: the investment ring put in a lit oven gas stove and gradually so as not to damage the shape around two hours, increase the temperature to 350 C, then the investment ring is removed and placed alternately one or the other side on the burner, after placing the asbestos tiles, and finally smelt the wax. Obtaining castings Once the sides flask red glow, it is placed in a hand centrifuge, and gating charged metal bowl with the addition of the appropriate flux and melt in a burner flame. After a complete begin rotating centrifuge, resulting in which directs the liquid metal into a mold cavity, filling it, and crystallizing in about 20 revolutions of the centrifuge. Process is completed by cooling in water and dredging finished casting, that is the product of artistic casting.

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