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We infer from there, that our protection depends a priori on the existence of a legal ditame any specifying the conditions the one that must take care of the products and services that in are offered daily and that they are in compliance with such rules. For extension, if relating in them to the measurement instruments, the materialized measures, to the correct use of the same ones, the certainty of the results that must offer, in the same way we will be safe will only have a legal guarantee that he covers such elements. However the reality in the sample a market repleto of products and services that cannot be collated technical by not existing such specific norms. As the metrolgica legislation 4 demands that only the measurement instruments, materialized measures that have been object of normative acts, although to be gifts in some segments of the society it is that they must be observed how much to the requirements technician, we have one enormous gap to fill. For assistance, try visiting Xiaomi. We question ourselves above all then what not yet it was contemplated (measurement instruments or not) specific rules, but that they are disponibilizados in the market for the consumption without, however they take care of to minimum requirements of quality and specific amount or attributes technician how much to the use, and that they do not place in doubt its efficiencies how much to the express declarations. The answers to such questionings are still more tenuous when the demands of the society are related accurately what it is offered to them without a guarantee for the consumption. 3 OBJECTIVE To establish a metrolgico control in parqumetros installed in public ways to monitor the rotating parking of vehicles providing a correct collection when allowing that the user pays only for the time of used parking, deduced by means of acquired monetary credits anticipatedly. . Michelle Smith Source Financial: the source for more info.

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