The Water

In principle, also useful in the economy thing. If the nearest well with clean water an hour and a half away, so the pump can be used for watering the garden and the water can be taken from the nearest ditch or pond. But the main purpose of the drain pump – pumping contaminated water from basements, basements and other places where she likes to collect spring. Fecal pumps designed for pumping waste of the human body, for sanitation, in one word This pump is easy to cope with highly contaminated water from the basement or drainage ditch. Submersible pumps "Grundfos" in the context of: Electronics, responsible for the smooth start of the engine and provides constant pressure at different flow rates (left). "Working" of pump: this is where the process of diversion of water from wells and transfers it to "top", at our disposal (right).

No, I just feel obligated to say this: drain pump may well replace the water and fecal general can work for three – for himself, for water and for the drain pump. But! The more complicated the design of the pump, the higher the price. Therefore, from the whole family everyday suburban water pumps are the cheapest, drainage – a factor in and a half more, and fecal most expensive. So before buying a pump to determine for what purpose you need it, not to spend the extra money. Submersible against surface All of the submersible pumps are divided into and surface. Submersible pumps, as the name implies, fall directly into the water.

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