Third Pure Command

One notices in almost all the posters, the drawing or feminine figures. Some with mantles light, as they were saints, others portraying the mother. The available equipment is only two and exactly thus functioning of form precarious, with the tremendous screen the entire time. When the 6 pupils enter in the room, the first question who make the instructor almost in unison are: ' ' He has Internet? When professor answers that not, it is perceived disillusionment of the group. But they seem to forget quickly and they start to demonstrate great interest for the computers, exactly being functioning so precariously. The computer science instructor, a young voluntary pupil of the course of surveying of the UFV, explains the first steps for the use of the equipment. While it speaks, the pupils laugh talk and nor always they obtain to follow the explanations.

They are curious, they want to explore, ' ' fuar' ' 0f the sort they that newness. Some are touching in one keyboard and mouse for the first time. They had been divided in 2 groups. And the B. Group B, even so with only three pupils, more is indisciplinado. It is ' ' comandado' ' for a pupil of half franzino physical transport, however with much authority and rispidez in the voice.

It goes trying to discover games and other things, while the instructor calls the attention, without success. A pupil cocaine the head constantly in a demonstration of impatience. The professor does not give up. It was prepared to have patience therefore already had What vocs to want. In the group, a pupil gave suggestion, the other, to the keyboard the times agreed, other times not, in the end had written ‘ ‘ CV red Command can crer’ ‘ ‘ ‘ PCC BOLADO’ ‘ TCP Third Pure Command Only the insane people me acompanham’ ‘ .

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