Valentine’s Day Gifts

Soon all the lovers will celebrate the feast of St. Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day). Give each other valentines in the form of hearts, confess your love. But this holiday has been celebrated in our country 20 years ago, but he had already won in the calendar of holidays the place, and many look forward to it. There are a large number of people who do not perceive it as a holiday, believing it to someone else's, not ours.

And giving such arguments, that the attention and gifts need to give your loved ones any day, any time, because this should be a desire, not because of the fact that the holiday has come. The Slavs also is a celebration of love – it's Midsummer. His celebrated in the shortest night of the year. It was believed that trees and plants did not sleep that night, went from place to place. Our ancestors celebrated the holiday with a special scale, and organized large dances and sang songs.

A special place in the celebrations held jumping fire to test the senses of young people jumping over the fire could only be a couple, holding hands tightly, a pair of lovers had to jump over the fire three times and if your hands are not disintegrated, so have a sense of love strong, and if the hands are relaxed, so there is strength in relationships. On the night of Midsummer girls could have foretold his narrowed. Were used for this particular grass and wove a wreath of them, then he lowered the water if a wreath was gossip wrong and drown, do not soon be a girl's guy, but if the crown gossip correctly and is easy to hold water is restricted wait is not long, is to look at which side will carry over to the side of the crown and live narrowed. Especially prized find in the night fern flower, which is believed to possess magical powers, and it was thought that where the fern blossoms, there is hidden storage. But this place is guarded by evil forces and those who dared to break flower should have a hard heart, and good conscience to remain steadfast against the spell. I sincerely wish all lovers pay attention to their halves, not only on 14 February and other holidays and any day of the year. Give a warm and love your family! But for all those who will be celebrating Valentine's Day February 14 original collection of greeting cards for Valentine's Day.

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