Web Work

To the illustrative aims, we could consider that this stage also will take about two months of run time. The third stage will find led us the creation of liaison nets of quality. The primary objective of this action is to manage to increase the Pagerank of the site and to favor the natural positioning. Said with other words, we will deal to obtain one better visibility of page for bots of the finders by means of connections of representative sites, and with a Pagerank more stop of ours. Also we will dedicate in this stage to the load in finders, that is to say, the inscription from website to the different vestibules Web and directories niches that make us more easily arrive at ours target.

We arrive thus at the end of the first six months of work. It is here when we will have to demand the agency that ahead takes our actions of promotion online in a second diagnosis of the situation. Also it is a good moment to realise adjustments in the key words and the direction of the marketing actions online in which we will develop. But the task is far from being finished. It is as of this moment the arduous work for obtaining visibility on the part of the users, and is here where the social networks play a fundamental roll. We will have then to dedicate to us not only to promote the Web by the channels and marketing strategies " tradicionales" , but it will be necessary to create a community online of users, contacts and friendly that help us to obtain a immediate recognition of our mark and product. We can affirm that just after about 12 months of work we will tell on reliable numbers that they reflect the evolution of the traffic of our page. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to

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