Here the basic principle of income – check all known sponsors, then the sum of earnings is much increased. Surfing: You pay the advertised page views. Depending on the sponsor’s payment is being, or in U.S. dollars Rubles or credit. Credits can be sold, or to spend on promotion of the site. Affiliate Programs: The essence of earnings: You become a partner of the largest online store or service center. Your cooperation is to attract buyers or consumers. Of course, the easiest way to do it, having a website or mailing list: more visitors to you – the higher your commission.

However, nobody forbids to attract buying your friends and acquaintances outside the Internet. System withdrawal: In our opinion, the most convenient electronic payment system WebMoney. Traditionally, payment for goods and services via the Internet were used bank credit card. But their shortcomings are well known. First, the details of credit cards can easily be stolen or intercepted, because of what the Internet has long been flooded with fraudulent bank charges. The second drawback is that the owner of a credit card can withdraw your payment (make chardzhbek), and the bank, as a rule, subject to his demand. For sellers this is a big problem: they have to refund money to buyers for already sold goods, they suffer losses and are therefore forced to raise prices to cover their costs chardzhbekam.

In this situation, secure and irrevocable electronic money is a panacea for both sellers and for simple users (customers). WebMoney is very convenient to make payments via the Internet. The main advantage is, perhaps, they instantly: you press a button – and a couple of seconds of the recipient, wherever he may be, receives funds. Let us state briefly the advantages of WebMoney: you receive and transfer money without leaving home; distances do not matter, even if the payer and the recipient are in different parts of the globe; operations occur in seconds as a consequence of the first three items, electronic money WebMoney particularly useful for goods that can be delivered over the Internet immediately after the payment: PIN-codes, electronic books, software, music, etc.; sparing fee for transfers: the system takes off for their services, only 0.8% of the amount operations irrevocable, and that is a big advantage for sellers who wish to accept payment for goods and services through the Internet: they can not be afraid that payment may be withdrawn. Finally, electronic money WebMoney safe, protected and can not be faked, as often happens with cash.

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