Your Children And The World Today

Modern parents, like you, know well that need new tools and support to people who specialize in learning subjects that are a valuable aid to effectively fulfill their role as parents. What he has to live with your son? Congratulations for those longing to be a better father, now you’re here, just shows that you are committed to the progress of your family and it is valuable to you. Those who do not seek information and knowledge will continue to educate their children with archaic models and schemes that do not work in these times of constant change. Do not forget that these models are likely to act in a manner counterproductive to the formation of your children. Your son has lived in a much more complicated than that in which you lived at his age, so it is very important that we prepare to face the problems you have and you will have. We live in a highly consumerist society, a vicious circle that promotes the purchase of unnecessary products that are indispensable, and that in turn motivate us to buy other products with similar or complementary characteristics. For example, if we give our child a cell phone, it is likely that soon we will have to buy a new one because friends are more modern, then perhaps “need to have the camera phone, then ask why no camcorder or recorder, the following will apply for a phone with Internet access and television, and finally … there is no end, because consumption is a highway that has no end.

The media sell us the lifestyle of the rich and famous, an exuberant life to hopes that the vast majority in these times. That is why the average family now has a higher household expenditure that was 20 or 30 years ago. Today, a parent is “obliged” to provide their own, in addition to the basic necessities, holiday travel, phones, cars, a “good” education (which we all know, can be received only in private and expensive), designer clothes (that will allow kids to be on par with their friends without feeling less) and a myriad of charges made to feel that it is a good father and that complies with AS give their children BEST. Do not get us wrong, we are not against your desire to progress and a better quality of life. What really worries us is that the economic demands that “you impose,” even “without realizing it” could be danandote you and your family. These tremendous family demands have caused that in ordinary households both parents work and that work has become the center of their lives. Some parents, desperate to maintain the status of his family, are required more and work longer hours.

The paradox is that the status we want YOU want to give your family ends up taking away time and weakening the ties that bind, so that could end up disintegrating. I do not know what your situation at the moment, but you’re probably coming home so exhausted that you do not want to confront the problems of poor school performance, socialization, violence and lack of communication, among others, in which your children may be involved. In this world where all we demand time, it is always easier to steal the time with our loved ones. Therefore, there are major problems among our children and youth, and more and more divorces.

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