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Construction Waste Crushing

Mobile crusher is used for construction waste crushing With the development of the national economic construction, infrastructure construction has become one of the most important tasks now; It would certainly produce a large amount of construction waste in the construction process. Currently, the number of China s construction waste accounts for 30% to 40% of the total amount of municipal… (more…)

Henan Hongxing Industry Co

The advent of Hongxing mobile crushing plant in China, as a developing country, construction industry has developed rapidly, but also caused increasing environmental pollution; According to the city building garbage management regulations, issued in June 2005 by the Ministry of Construction, the construction waste refers to the abandoned soil, materials and other waste produces in the process of building, renovating,… (more…)

Construction Debris

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the number of urban construction waste emissions grow rapidly, which brought a great burden to the city construction. Although the construction waste resource utilization has begun to take shape, it is far from being able to obtain a higher construction waste recovery rate, not to meet the urgent needs of the… (more…)

Material Plugging

The Solution to Material Plugging in Bins and Silos Aluminum is a hard metal that is most efficiently recycled using a can crusher so that it can break everything down properly. This equipment is a true space saver, and is also great for saving money, as well as time. Crushers for plastic and metal are widely available for purchase, and… (more…)

Polo Ralph Lauren

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Mining Machinery

The new standards of mining machinery Green, high efficiency and intelligence will become the new standards of mining machinery. In recent years, people adopts the technology roadmap of changing waste into resources and successfully develops environmental protection coal-water slurry, which can greatly improves the environmental benefits without increasing investment cost. China is rich in coal, so environmental protection coal-water slurry… (more…)