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Simone Game

Before proceeding directly to the passage, I will explain a few things. 1) The game is laid three versions of events – two at the end of each of the options, depending on your actions. The "book" version Development: humanoids – it's Moses and Luarvik, robots – Olga and Olaf. In an alternative: the humanoids – du Barnstokr and Luarvik,… (more…)

Photoshop Textures

In the high-quality 3d model of the proportions, shapes, curves are transferred accurately. Texturing. In order to 3d models were colored, textured, two-dimensional graphics program such as Photoshop or Corel, drawn, or rather produced a texture map. Inventions in the field texturing not less than any other. Multitexturing, texture compression, maps, reflection, refraction, dispersion … Much has been devised ways… (more…)

Online Puzzle

Very much like to make an image of the individual fragments. It is this class and is assembling a puzzle or just a puzzle. What is the current computer on-line puzzles? We can say that this is a return to beginning, to an era which began with a total popularity of computer games. In recent years the market of PC… (more…)