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Software Gmb

As a further convenience for the user, a SingleSignOn should be realised so that can seamlessly be accessed without further application on different solutions. Stefan Rex by BITMARCK also explained in his lecture, the strategic partnership with atacama on the range of PA (Periodontology) and KCH (conservative and surgical services) has been expanded. Software for care consulting health insurance companies… (more…)

Laboratory Samples

Laboratory labels can also safely marked minus 196 C with the FeezerBondz labels specially developed by macro IDENT which are laboratory labels of the series B-492 so build that they permanently on containers for laboratory samples, such as E.g. Eppendorf tubes, at very low temperatures to keep it minus 196 C. With the printable FreezerBondz, material of the series B-492… (more…)

New Information Service

An information service for the patients from the Rhein-Erft-Kreis, the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Aachen and all cities and towns in the district as a dental patient, you know the problem: when discussing the treatment plan for larger measures, for example, dental prosthesis, the dentist establishes the direction of the conversation. Not all terms are immediately to understand the patient,… (more…)